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Headquarters can be constructed in any of the fifty States of the Union. There are three types of buildings, each with different purposes. New to Political Machine 2024 is the addition of Headquarters (starting with Think Tanks) to modify and amplify your positions on Issue Scores.

Campaign Headquarters

This is the default building for any budding and aspiring politician. The level 1 Campaign HQ in per-turn Cash, small awareness, and unlock more issues for a candidate to campaign about (see creating Ads and giving Speeches).

New to Political Machine 2024, there are four different Campaign HQs to utilize, three of them familiar to people who have played previous additions in the series. Each HQ will specialize in one factor, ranging from Cash and Fundraising, to Issues, Political Capital, and Enthusiasm. Choosing the right HQ is key towards planning your victory. Keep in mind, once an HQ path is chosen, it cannot be deleted.

Campaign HQ

"The foundational structure for campaign operations."

  • +$10,000
  • +1% Enthusiasm

Every building and upgrade costs $250,000 unless you invoke any construction cards such as the Enthusiastic Builders, Experienced Builders, Tax-Exempt Builders, Builders Union, or Worker's Right March.

Enthusiasm Headquarters

Enthusiasm HQs are the ideal way to raise enthusiasm with as little maintenance as possible, albeit with more down payments than if you were to place an Ad give some level of enthusiasm and trade-offs to other enthusiasm-getting measures such as Cheerleaders, Cheersquads, and Party Radicals which raise awareness.

Once the player goes down various paths such as the Level 3 and 4 HQs, there will be ways to increase this enthusiasm into adjacent states. Some popular state targets for this are places like Arizona, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Voter Registration Center

"Provides a weekly boost to Enthusiasm."

  • +2% Enthusiasm in State
  • +1% Enthusiasm in Adjacent States

Mobilization Hub

"Increases Enthusiasm boost and extend boost to adjacent states."

  • +5% Enthusiasm in State
  • +2% Enthusiasm in Adjacent States
  • 10 Issues available in State

Get Out The Vote Nexus

"Significantly increase Enthusiasm boost."

  • +8% Enthusiasm in State
  • +3% Enthusiasm in Adjacent States

Issue Scores

Going down the path of Think Tanks is the ideal path for those looking to get the ultimate final say on issues in even the swingiest of states. This is an ideal option to checkmate your opponents if someone has already invested in another level 2 HQ where you may want to get the total advantage. Issue Score HQs by themselves are just as powerful as Expert Spin Doctors, Hardliners, and Extremists, use them wisely!

Popular target states for Think Tanks include early primary locations such as Iowa and New Hampshire or powerful electorally rich states such as Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Think Tank

"Provides a boost to Issue Score and access to most Issues."

  • +5% increase to Issue Score in State
  • 15 Issues visible in State

Policy Research Institute

"Increases boost to Issue Score."

  • +10% increase to Issue Score in State

Center for Public Opinion

"Slight increase to Issue Score, bonus value to Issue Score of top 3 issues."

  • +12% increase to Issue Score in State
  • +5 Importance for Candidate's top 3 issues when constructed

Political Capital Headquarters

These are the most universal ways of racking up Political Capital alongside Intelligence, and cards such as Lobbyists, and Lobbying Teams. Not only will they open up the amount of strategy you can do per turn, but they will be important stepping stones towards protecting the candidate from endorsements, oppressive strategies, and will unlock passive ways to interact with the game through the Political Action Cards and Political Capital mechanics.

Networking Lounge

"Provides a small amount of additional Political Capital each turn."

  • +0.25 Political Capital
  • 12 Issues available in State

Social Club

"Provides a moderate amount of additional Political Capital each turn."

  • +0.5 Political Capital

Power Broker Suite

"Provides additional Political Action each turn, draw a PAC card when built."

Money Headquarters

One of the foremost ways towards building an effective ground-game and raising a national profile will be through the use of raising and generating Money. Thankfully these headquarters will any aspiring candidate covered. Not only will they add in passive-income, but stacking them in places such as California, but when combined with cards such as the Event Coordinator and Party Planner will allow the candidate to rack in whopping millions of cash in a single Fundraiser. Setting them up for successful operations throughout the entirety of the game with one or two successful turns of fundraising.

Consulting Office

"Increases the effectiveness of Fundraisers and focuses on providing more funds each turn."

  • +$20,000
  • +20% effectiveness of State Fundraisers
  • 15 Issues available in State

Fundraising Strategist Firm

"Increases the effectiveness of Fundraisers and focuses on providing more funds each turn."

  • +$30,000
  • +50% effectiveness of State Fundraisers
  • -1 Stamina cost for State Fundraisers

Economic Impact Group

"Increases the effectiveness of Fundraisers and focuses on providing more funds each turn."

  • +$40,000
  • +100% effectiveness of State Fundraisers

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