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While speeches will give a quick boost to an issue's score, the way to elevate an issue's place in the heart of voters is with Advertisements.

Placing an ad is similar to giving a speech when it comes to affecting Issues and similar to placing Level 3 & 4 Enthusiasm Headquarters when it comes to generating awareness. Advertisements in particular are long-term ways to solidify enthusiasm, hold awareness in adjacent states, as well as changing the top issues that will be in mind of voters on election day.

Television Advertisements

Placing down an Ad will have many effects, like Speeches they will come with their assortment of trade-offs and effects. Paying attention to them will help you make the most out of your advertisements. These factors range from a Media Bias of Loathed to Loved. If your candidate is Loved by the media, stamina costs for placing down ads will only require 2. Loathed Stamina will incur 5 Stamina when placing down a single ad, equivalent to that of an entire speech!

  • Initial Cost: $420,000
  • Weekly Cost: -$40,000
  • Weekly Change in Candidate's Position: 0.2
  • Weekly Change in Issue Position: 0.2
  • Weekly Change in Issue Stance: +4.5% to 5.8% up to a State max of +50% Issue Stance
  • Weekly Change in Candidate Enthusiasm: +2.7 to 3.5% Enthusiasm
  • Weekly Enthusiasm Change in Adjacent States: +1.4 to 1.7% Enthusiasm

For Attack Ads the mathematics change, with changes to enthusiasm gain and issue strength, issue changes will be 50% weaker, and enthusiasm gains will be 3x lower. The changes in particular can be noted here:

  • Weekly Change in Issue Stance: +2.3% to 2.9% up to a State max of +50% Issue Stance
  • Weekly Change in Candidate Enthusiasm: +0.9% to 1.2% Enthusiasm
  • Weekly Enthusiasm Change in Adjacent States: +0.5% to 0.6% Enthusiasm

State Max & Issue Ceilings

The weekly change in issue stance is capped up to 50%, meaning once it exceeds 50% of your own candidate's issue stance, it will no longer begin to increase issue score. This can be played around by combining Ads with Speeches. Avoid making ads on issues that you aren't ready to elevate with speeches if they are within the single digits range of issue scores, otherwise this messaging may be used against you by even savvier opponents. Advertising on issues that your candidate is strong on is recommended and even ideal for having the right campaign message to carry your candidate across the finish line.


When it comes to making the most out of ads, some Political Action Cards offer ways to get the most out of this advantage. The two most common cards for this are the Media Mogul and Targeted Ads. Which can both save on Ad costs, or reduce them substantially.

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