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About The Political Machine 2024

Run for President in the latest edition of Stardock’s popular political strategy game series, The Political Machine 2024. Choose from a roster of existing candidates including Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Dean Phillips and Nikki Haley or create your own using the game’s candidate creation workshop.

A Powerful Simulator
Below the game exterior is a powerful political simulator that’s been featured on MSNBC, CNBC, and FOX News in past elections to accurately predict past Presidential elections including the 2004 focus on Ohio and the 2016 election of Donald Trump.

Each state has been meticulously researched for the latest local and national political issues and factored in with the latest demographic data to ensure that players who know the real-world political landscape will find a game the rewards their knowledge and skill.

Competing Ideology
The game takes a nuanced approach to both Democrats and Republicans with each candidate subscribing to their own ideology that helps differentiate a Democrat such as Bernie Sanders from a Democrat such as Kamala Harris as well as Republican differences between Vivek Ramaswamy and Mike Pence.

Political Action Cards
New in the 2024 edition of the game is a new concept called Political Action Cards (PACs). Determined by your Ideology, these are politically themed actions players can take to help their own campaign or disrupt their opponent. Use a well-timed Fact Check card to throw off a rival’s political message or uncover a long-hidden scandal your opponent has tried to hide. Politics is a contact sport.

Also new in the 2024 edition are primary competitions. Compete against 3 other candidates in your own political party to win the party’s nomination starting from before the Iowa Caucus and ending with the convention.

Game Features:

  • Play single player against the computer or multiplayer against other human opponents (multiplayer feature coming soon).
  • Practice your Politics - A sophisticated underlying simulation model uses census data and real issues to test your political savvy.
  • Run against the opposing party’s nominee for President to gather the 270 electoral votes needed on election day or against other members of your political party to obtain the delegate count to become your party’s nominee.
  • Choose your Candidate - Play as one of several candidates, each with their own custom stats like stamina, intelligence, charisma, media bias, and more.
  • Create a Candidate - Customize your own front runner and race for the White House.
  • NEW! Compete in the primary campaign - Outperform the three other candidates in your party to secure the highest number of delegates. Focus on winning key caucus states early to gain a competitive edge over your rivals.
  • NEW! Deploy Political Action Cards - Utilize your Political Capital strategically to undermine your opponents and bolster your campaign. Invest in cards that demand political capital for significant, election-swinging effects, ensuring your actions leave a lasting impact on the race.
  • NEW! Participate in the Presidential Debates - A battleground state is selected for candidates to express their support or opposition on the most pressing issues. Utilize this platform to either garner support or risk negative reactions from the audience. Strategically challenge an opponent’s position to sway public opinion in your favor.
  • Deliver impactful speeches - Assert your position on pivotal issues, utilizing your stamina judiciously. Opt to either endorse or contest particular topics within chosen states, or tactically expose an adversary's stance.
  • Establish specialized campaign headquarters - Enhance your electoral strategy. Focus on constructing buildings that either increase your funding, provide valuable cards, or amplify your messaging efforts. Choose the specialization that best supports your campaign goals to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Manage your Campaign Budget - Purchase advertisements, travel across the country to campaign, and hire operatives to enhance your PR or cripple your opponent.
  • Be Ready for Anything - Torrid affairs, natural disasters, email scandals, and other “breaking news” events can pop up and change the direction of the campaign for better or worse.
  • Check your Standings - With poll tracking and leaderboards, you can see how well people are playing as their candidates or what issues they are supporting over time.

The Game
Political Capital
Winning the Election
Political Action Cards
Al Gore
Andrew Yang
Barack Obama
Bernie Sanders
Bill Clinton
Dean Phillips
Elizabeth Warren
Hillary Clinton
Jimmy Carter
Joe Biden
John Kerry
Kamala Harris
Marianne Williamson
Martin O'Malley
Michael Bloomberg
Pete Buttigieg
Chris Christie
Dan Crenshaw
Donald Trump
Doug Burgum
Dwight D. Eisenhower
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
Mike Pence
Mitt Romney
Nikki Haley
Richard Nixon
Ron DeSantis
Ronald Reagan
Ted Cruz
Tim Scott
Vivek Ramaswamy
Jill Stein
Ralph Nader
Robert Kennedy Jr.
Ross Perot
Ideology Decks
Basic Deck
Biden Liberalism
Democratic Socialism
Establishment Democrat
Establishment Republican
Evangelical Conservative
Outsider Democrat
Outsider Republican
Trump Populism
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