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State Factors

As a candidate running for the presidency, you need to pay attention to key factors in each state that directly affect your standing in the election. On election night, you’ll need to make sure you can beat your opponent in these areas:

Enthusiasm: The percentage of a popular who feel like they really know a candidate. The higher your awareness value is, the more voters will turn out at the polls.

Issue Score: Your issue score determines how your stance on the issues relate to voters in that state. The higher your score, the more you have to talk about with them when you place ads and give speeches.

Approval Ratings: This gives you an idea of what percentage of the population in a state will vote for which candidate. You are also able to view the percentage of ‘independent’ voters, which can give a losing candidate a fighting chance if the numbers are high.

Wealth: The amount of wealth a state has does not affect how citizens vote, but it is very important while managing your campaign. States with a higher wealth will yield you more money when you choose to fundraise during your turn.

Top Issues: Every state feels differently about national issues. What may be important to voters on the East Coast may not mean anything at all to voters on the West Coast. Once you raise your awareness in a state, knowing the issues and manipulating your activities there to reflect them becomes your ticket to victory.