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Ideologies are the way to differentiate yourself from your opponents. Each candidate has their own ideology that can be customized based on which aspects of it you choose to unlock as you gain ideology points.

Establishment Democrat

Adopters of this ideology are throwing their weight behind what the majority of Democrats have been campaigning on for years: education, environmental protections, gun control, social justice, and better healthcare for all.

Yang Singularity

The idea of a universal income for people is one of the founding cores of this belief, but concerns surrounding developments in AI and technology are also at play. Adopters of this ideology also believe in regulating technology.

Democratic Socialism

This ideology takes an aggressive stance on climate control and environmental protections. In addition, it promotes universal health care and hits hard on social justice issues like gay marriage and transgender rights.

Biden Liberalism

This ideology is similar to many others adopted by Democrats, but some other key points surrounding bringing civility back to politics and getting things done in Washington. Addressing climate change and other social issues are a foundation of this ideology as well.

Tulsi's Better World

From protecting the environment to bringing our troops home, this ideology embodies the optimistic viewpoints of Gabbard and her constituents.

Trumpian Populism

From trade wars to tariffs, this ideology is all about making America great. Building border walls, cutting government red tape, and making allies pay their fair share in deals is also part of the platform.

Compassionate Conservative

This ideology is founded on the belief that the federal government should empower private institutions and individuals to solve social problems rather than politicians. Common Core, No Child Left Behind, and Traditional Marriage are other values associated with this ideology.

Giant Meteorism

Kill all the humans, frog voting rights, and boiling the seas might sound extreme, but don't worry - adopters of this ideology also want to lower taxes and return to traditional values!

Establishment Republicanism

A strong military, traditional values, lower taxes and less regulation round out the beliefs of this ideology. The free market, gun rights, and religious freedom are also huge talking points for this platform.


Socialized capitalism and wealth caps are one of the foundations of this ideology. A stronger federal government and a state run media will help keep the nation afloat.


If you like mayonnaise and believe that coffee should be the national drink, then this ideology is for you. Don't forget to negotiate a peace treaty between dogs and cats while you're campaigning!