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Political Capital, returning from previous games, Political Capital is back. Political Capital can be earned through headquarters, cards, and passively earned through stats such as intelligence when you boot up the game with a candidate. By default you will earn 1 Political Capital a turn.

When No Cards mode is turned on, Political Capital is disabled.



HQs are the most consistent way to rack up political capital, having the chance to act as another source to File:Coolhqupgradestuff.png

Political Action Cards

One of the quickest ways to get an advantage in political capital and rack it up is through the use of Political Action Cards. They are among some of the best cards in the game, as they allow you to double or even triple your political capital for a cheap price. Most decks will either have a Lobbyist (1 PC per turn) or Lobbying Team (2 PC per turn) where you can rack in passive political capital. Alternatively there is also the Hire the Right People card for Trump's deck which provides 3 PC, and Party Hotshot which provides 1 PC in exchange for -150k funds a turn.

There are cards to take away opponent's political capital. Such cards include the Expert Opinion, the Filibuster, Expert Rebuke, and Fact Checks. File:Beingexpertrebuked.png


You can see how much political capital you gain a turn through checking the Assets tab. File:Assetslocationpc.png

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