Mike Pence
Former Vice-President
Deck Evangelical Conservative
Homestate: Indiana
Stamina: Tired
Charisma: Personable
Intelligence: Sharp
Media Bias: Disliked
Experience: Expert
Funds: Average

Pence served as the 48th Vice President of the
United States and, before that, was the Governor
of Indiana. Pence is known for his deeply held
Christian values that influence his policy
policy decisions.


  Mike Pence is a loyal wingman to his faith, oath, and party. Will it be enough defend the republic from the forces that stray?
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Unique Deck: Currently Pence is one of the only candidates with a unique deck other than Trump. With this he will be able to entrench his defensive positions with socially conservative endorsements and cards such as Parent Teacher forums, Publish Family Biography, Primary Church, and most importantly - Faith Educator cards to repeatedly remove endorsements and operatives across the map, lending Pence towards a more defensive counterplay-oriented gamestyle.
  • Political Expert: As an establishment stalwart, Pence will be well-connected enough thanks due to his tenure as President of the Senate. With this Pence will be able to keep a wide deck of cards.
  • Difficult to use Deck: Mike Pence's political deck is quite defensive, and has a high cost in political capital. Not only that, but you will be battling cards that return to hand, meaning your options will be less flexible, and more limiting than one might expect. Expect to invest quite a bit in Networking HQs to boost your political capital. Not only that but you will have to be aware of what states have good issues on what positions in order to make good use of your more issue-focused Political Action Cards, which will tend to be red states. Meaning that as Pence you will oftentimes be playing more defensively and reactively with your kit.
  • Below Average Stamina: Getting ahead of the game will be tough when your stamina will constantly constrain your schedule. Despite being 1 point less than active, you won't be able to stack as hard into states as you may want, meaning your operations will be spread out more thinly on your playthroughs.
  • Media Bias: Pence isn't particularly well-liked by the media, meaning he will have to spend an extra point of stamina to get ads up and running, but without any charm or additional stamina to make up for the trade-off.

Stamina Attributes

In a single turn Pence can do:

  • Up to 11 movements in a single turn.
  • Up to 2 Speeches with 1 stamina point leftover.
  • Up to 2 Advertisements with 1 stamina point leftover.
  • Up to 2 HQ upgrades with 3 stamina points leftover.

Issue Stances

Issue stances affect how well a candidate will be received across various states. Changes in some issue stances may help in one state but hurt in another. Overall, they average out to give a general consensus of how your candidate is received, having a direct link to your electability across the board.

Border Protection
Immigration Reform
Repeal Obamacare
Insurance Company Transparency
Energy Independence
Free Market Capitalism
Corporate Tax Cuts
Voter ID
Sanctions on Russia
Backing Israel
Religious Freedom
Traditional Values
Reduce Regulation
Deficit Spending
Tough on Crime
Transgender Rights
Social Network Censorship

Update History


  • He is one of two politicians from Indiana, with the other being Pete Buttigieg.

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