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Marianne Williamson
Presidential Hopeful
Deck Outsider Democrat
Homestate: Texas
Stamina: Active
Charisma: Magnetic
Intelligence: Average
Media Bias: Adored
Experience: None
Funds: Frugal

As a spiritualist and activist, Williamson
campaigns on social-economic issues, including
universal healthcare and tuition-free higher
education. Outside politics, she's a religious
leader and author known for charity work.


  Marianne Williamson is an uplifting force that compels inspiration wherever she goes.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Magnetic Speaker: As a self-help guru, adviser, author, and professional speaker, the campaign trail will be a native territory as Marianne makes a connection to her audiences. Not only will have you have the usual -1 stamina cost towards making speeches, you will net the additional 20% speech effectiveness as well.
  • Media Adoration: When it comes to getting powerful ads, Marianne will be no stranger when it comes to getting a strong message out there. On top of the usual stamina-savings, Williamson will have no problem defining the theme of the race.
  • Good Positioning: Marianne's issue scores on religion extend to voters, and even the environment, allowing her to reach new demographics on the campaign trail when it comes to tackling issues. Furthermore, her Texas start will be a major boon in the presidential and primary race as a Democrat, forcing opponents to spend extra resources trying to secure your homestate.
  • Lack of Experience: While Marianne has experience when it comes to messaging, she has none when it comes to the campaign trail. With that said you will have 4 cards at max to use at any given time, limiting your options on the campaign trail significantly.

Stamina Attributes

In a single turn Williamson can do:

  • Up to 12 movements in a single turn.
  • Up to 3 Speeches in a single turn.
  • Up to 4 Advertisements in a single turn.
  • Up to 3 HQ Upgrades in a single turn.

Issue Stances

Issue stances affect how well a candidate will be received across various states. Changes in some issue stances may help in one state but hurt in another. Overall, they average out to give a general consensus of how your candidate is received, having a direct link to your electability across the board.

Stricter Drug Policing
Drug Abuse Services
Corporate Tax Cuts
Wealthy Taxes
AI Regulation
Addressing Climate Change
Renewable Energy
Religious Freedom
Religion in Politics
Traditional Values
Mental Health Services Expansion
Transgender Rights
Racial Equality Initiatives
Gender and Sex Education


Tech Deregulation
Empower Private Institutes

Update History



  • Marianne Williamson is currently one of two candidates to have no political experience, with the other being Vivek Ramaswamy.

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