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Chris Christie
Former Governor
Deck Establishment Republican
Homestate: New Jersey
Stamina: Tired
Charisma: Magnetic
Intelligence: Average
Media Bias: Indifferent
Experience: Expert
Funds: Average

Christie has political experience as the Governor of
New Jersey and a background in the Department of
Justice. As a Governor, he used his values to
influence his decisions but did not force his values
on others. He supports giving more power to


  Chris Christie is a loud voice in the political conversation that never hesitates to capitalize on a good moment.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Magnetic Charisma: One of Chris Christie's most standout traits is his sharp-witted charisma. With this he will be able to give memorable speeches from state-to-state, while remaining on the top of his game.
  • Political Expert: Chris Christie has gotten the upper-hand on various politicians, thanks in no small part to his experience governing, and campaigning. With this he'll be able to shape the mold of the race in his favor.
  • Below Average Stamina: While Chris Christie doesn't particularly lack in any category, he will have 1 less stamina point than the baseline expected of an active candidate. Christie will otherwise struggle to keep up the campaigning pace expected of other candidates.
  • Bad Issue Scores: When starting up the game, Chris Christie will be in one of the worst positions issue score wise, with many Republican states up for grabs. Not only will you have to work smarter and harder to even out the lead, but you will need to be on top of your political wits to overcome the disadvantage.

Stamina Attributes

In a single turn Christie can do:

  • Up to 11 movements in a single turn.
  • Up to 2 Speeches with 3 stamina points leftover.
  • Up to 2 Advertisements with 3 stamina points leftover.
  • Up to 2 HQ upgrades with 3 stamina points leftover.

Issue Stances

Issue stances affect how well a candidate will be received across various states. Changes in some issue stances may help in one state but hurt in another. Overall, they average out to give a general consensus of how your candidate is received, having a direct link to your electability across the board.

Border Protection
Immigration Reform
Tough on Crime
Public School Funding
Deficit Spending
Addressing Climate Change
Strong Military
Free Market Capitalism


Global Leadership

Update History


  • Chris Christie has the biggest candidate model of any character in the game.
  • Christie's homestate, New Jersey, awards the least amount of delegates in the Republican Party primaries, at a measly 12 delegates. This is 4 less than its smaller neighboring state, Delaware, the 2nd lowest delegate state in the Republican party primaries.

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