Lobbying Team

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Lobbying Team
Card Frame
Card Frame
Card Frame
Card Frame
Lobbying Team
Generates 2 Political Capital the start of every turn from Target State.
Political Cost: 3
Type: Adds Political Capital from State
Notification: None

The Lobbying Team is one of two newly introduced Political Capital generators to the game alongside the Lobbyist. Consider yourself luck should you draw this card early on, as it will be important towards racking a significant PC advantage early in the game. Its Political Capital generation is equivalent to two max level Power Broker Suites, saving you up to 32 Stamina, and $2,000,000 in expenses.

Not all decks have Lobbying Teams. The Biden Liberalism deck in particular has 3 Lobbying Teams alone, making it a solid choice for people that want to gain Political Capital throughout the entire map. For the stronger Trump alternative version of Lobbying Team, see the Hire the Right People card.


Lobbying Teams are the cheapest and fastest means towards revitalizing your strategy overnight. Should you have a Lobbying Team running throughout the entire game, it may be responsible alone for netting you up to 54 Political Capital should you net it at the beginning of the game. Consider it your second head in Intelligence.

Because of this, opponents may opt to target it early on. Guarding it with a Spy Networks, or sneaking it through by stacking it on top of another unsuspecting card, or even placing it in the corner of the map where opponents will not double check it such as in Alaska, Maine, or Hawaii may be a strong means towards keeping its operations undercover and ideal. Much like real life lobbyists, you should not draw too much attention to it, and avoid strict dependence on it.

Update History

  • Increased Political Capital cost from 2 to 3


  • Due to its powerful and lucky nature, some players have praised it as an RNGesus card.
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