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Winning endorsements is a quick and powerful way to take a stand on the issues that matter most to a candidate. In order to secure an endorsement, you need PR Clout.

There are many Special Interest groups throughout the nation that hold a strong following of voters. If they endorse a given politician, not only will that candidate get a major awareness boost, but their perceived stance on various issues will be affected.

FACT: There are endorsements that favor left leaning parties (Democrats), and endorsements that favor right leaning parties (Republicans). It's a good idea for candidates to only focus on endorsements that are affiliated with their party (as indicated by their color on the endorsement screen).


  • The first endorsement costs 7 points of clout. Endorsements from organizations affiliated with the opposing party are twice as expensive.
  • Each subsequent endorsement costs 3 points of clout more.
Organization Icon Description Affiliation Stance change
Christian Confederation
Event SInterest ChristianConf.png
The Christian Confederation is an organization dedicated to promoting and protecting America's traditional values. Republicans Religious Freedom: +10
Abortion Rights: -5
National Association For Women
Event SInterest NAW.png
The National Association for Women is an organization dedicated to promoting the rights of women. They are particularly interested in ensuring continued access to abortion, and the promotion of equal treatment of the sexes. Democrats Abortion Rights: +10
Supporting Gay Marriage: +5
National Civil Liberties Union
Event SInterest NCLU.png
The National Civil Liberties Union is an organization dedicated to protecting the First Amendment of the US constitution. Democrats Supporting Gay Marriage: +10
BlackLivesMatter: +5
National Foreign Policy Committee
Event SInterest ForPolicy.png
The NFPC is an organization dedicated to promoting a foreign policy that will protect American interests across the globe and keep Americans safe at home. Republicans Iranian Nuclear Deal: -5
Fighting ISIS: +10
The National Gun Owner's Association
Event SInterest NGA.png
The National Gun Owner's Association is an organization dedicated to protecting gun rights. Republicans Gun Rights: +10
Big Government: -5
National Organization for the Support of Colored People
Event SInterest NOSCP.png
The National Organization for the Support of Colored People is an organization that fights for the rights of African Americans and other racial minorities. Democrats Repeal ObamaCare: -10
BlackLivesMatter: +5
Tea Party Movement
Event SInterest TeaParty.png
The Tea Party Movement is a grass roots organization dedicated to reducing taxes, cutting spending, and shrinking the size of the federal government. Republicans Tax Cuts: +10
Big Government: -5
National Union Action Network
Event SInterest UnionActionNet.png
The National Union Action Network promotes the rights of workers to organize themselves for collective bargaining. Democrats State Unions: +10
Outsourcing of Jobs: -5
US Chamber of Business
Event SInterest ChambOfBuis.png
The US Chamber of Business is an organization dedicated to improving economic and regulatory conditions for American businesses. Republicans Reduce Unemployment: 10
Big Government: -5
The Environmentalist Club
Event SInterest EnviroClub.png
The Environmentalist Club is an organization dedicated to protecting the environment. They support laws that limit pollution and protect the environment. Democrats The Environment: 10
Support for Green Jobs: 5