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Bernie Sanders turns up the heat.

Gracing the stage at a local college, theater, or stadium is a great way to get citizens excited about an issue. For centuries candidates have used this tactic to raise the statewide issue score (combination of voters stance and issue importance) by visiting a state and selecting the 'Give Speech' option.


  • Besides affecting how voters feel about an issue, speeches give a large boost to a candidate's awareness in that state.
  • Speeches take a lot of stamina, but with no monetary cost involved, it's a good move for poor Candidates to make to recoup lost funds.

Picking the Right Topic

  • Since speeches are important in raising an issue's overall score, it's important for candidates to speak on a topic that will engage the maximum number of independent voters while keeping their base happy.
  • The game breaks the outcome of a speech into simple 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' graphics.
  • The most powerful speeches deal with topics that give a 'thumbs up' from both independent voters and voters of their political party.