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The sad truth about our political system is that it's not always about the issues. Operatives are individuals who can have a major impact on the course of the campaign and by extension, the results of the election.

  • Operatives per se can be hired at any time with political capital. The cost increases with every subsequent hire. Three types of operatives exist to hinder your opponent, while six are there to provide major bonuses to your own side.
  • Activists appear at random as political opportunities. You can spot an Activist on the map by the large question mark that will pop up in the state they're in. The first candidate to reach the Activist will be the one that recruits them.
  • Politicians have to be careful, though. If the question mark is yellow, that means that the activist may either be looking to help or ruin their campaign. If that candidate has an appropriate Headquarters in the state, the Activist's true colors will be shown (green for good, red for harmful), helping to ease the risk.


Beneficial to the campaign

Name Icon Description Effect Target
Advertisement Guru
Event WebMaster.png
Known only as the Advertisement Guru, this operative has made connections with media professionals throughout the United States. His connections provide the a candidate campaign Advertisements with a 75%% price cut in maintenance in whichever target state he's working out of. Decreases your advertising maintenance costs in target target state by 75% . State
Event Consultant.png
A professional in every sense of the word, the Consultant has the brains, experience, and connections to get the name a candidate out on the streets. Her presence in a target state will result in a weekly +4% to the candidates' awareness. Raises your awareness by +4% per week in target target state. State
Fashion Consultant
Event FashionConsultant.png
A Fashion Consultant focuses on what's important: the canvas of the body. Every day is a chance for a candidate to wear something stunning to woo over the shallow demographic that cares about such matters. Appearance +10 points. Ads become more effective. Permanent bonus
Speech Writer
Event SpeechWriter.png
Every single syllable spoken by a candidate is analyzed and broken down and stepped on by political pundits. The Speech Writer ensures that a candidate is getting the proper message across to voters everywhere, with just the right amount of heart-warming personal narrative. Charisma +10 points. Speeches become more effective. Permanent bonus
Spin Doctor
Event SpinDoctor.png
Always capable of finding the good in a situation, even the really gross and naughty ones, the Spin Doctor will polish a candidate's reputation as a candidate. Whichever target state the Spin Doctor resides in will see a ratings boost of 15%%. Increases your issue Ratings by % in target target state. State
PR Consultant
Event PRConsultant.png
The media is a vicious institution that jumps on any unfavorable candidate's mistakes like a lion on a piece of raw meat. The PR Consultant lives and breathes damage control, and ensures every interaction with the media benefits a candidate's campaign. Media Bias +10 points. Interviews become more effective. Permanent bonus

Used against the opponent

Name Icon Description Effect Target
Event Fixer.png
Rumors have surfaced that the Fixer has pledged support. The Fixer has been known to use his own brand of 'constructive persuasion' on individuals who act out against his political friends. Let's hope a candidate can keep this powerful new compadre out of trouble. Eliminates one of opponent's political operatives. Disappears upon use. Opponent's operatives
Event PRMan.png
The Intimidator will knock down campaign signs, put pressure on stations, and lower awareness and keep people away from the polls using a variety of underhanded techniques. He'll also use overhanded techniques when necessary. Lowers opponent awareness by a set percentage per week in target state. State
Smear Merchant
Event SmearMerchant.png
The Smear Merchant is fast on the draw with well-timed quips and chuckles. By joining the a candidate Election Campaign, the Smear Merchant will attack their opponent with humorous books and writings, each filled to the brim with cutting remarks, decreasing the opponent's ratings by 15%%. Decreases Opponent Issue Rating in target target state. State


Name Icon Description Effect Target
Event Cheerleader.png
Give me a P. Give me a R. Give me an E S I D E N T! What does that spell?! a candidate! A cheerful and - probably not coincidentally - very attractive helper has joined the team of a candidate. Experts predict the Cheerleader will double awareness in any given target state gained through Ads, Visits, or Campaigning. Doubles all Awareness gains in target state. State
Event Definer.png
The Definer has joined teams with a candidate, vowing to make sure the candidate's explanation is on message. He'll be sure to decrease a candidate's opponent's issue ratings (in the target state he's in) by %. Decreases opponent's personal ratings in target state by %. State
Event Heckler.png
A wacky, obnoxious, and very slightly offensive Heckler has joined the ranks of a candidate's Election Team, whose opponent will now have to work twice as hard in the target state that the Heckler is heckling in. Congrats to a candidate on this lucky find. Doubles stamina costs for opponent in target state. State
Hollywood Friend
Event HollywoodFriend.png
Taking a quick breather from the spotlight of Hollywood stardom, a critically acclaimed Movie Star has scheduled the next several weeks to endorse a candidate. Willing to move to whatever backwater target state deemed necessary, this new asset to the a candidate Election Team will raise the awareness of his long time political pal on a weekly basis. Raises awareness in given state by +3% per week. State
Jaded Consultant
Event JadedConsultant.png
A Jaded Consultant has joined the team. One might ask why the candidate would want the assistance of such a cynic (the Jaded Consultant takes away 10%% of all rankings in this target state), but a candidate insists "I think the Jaded Consultant could prove useful... once he deals with his issues." Most experts are highly skeptical. The Jaded Consultant stays in the target state you found him in. Lowers ratings by 10% in target state. Stays in target state permanently. State, permanent posting
Event Kook.png
When he's not making documentaries or writing books, the national Kook will now be assisting in helping the populace make better decisions. Will this help the a candidate campaign? Or the exact opposite? Whatever the outcome, the Kook is going to stir things up in the target state that he's in. Modifies your political score on all issues in target state. State
Event Lawsuit.png
What a shame; as soon as a candidate arrived in the target state earlier this week a candidate was slapped with a stiff Lawsuit. Drains $ from your reserves. Single-time malus
Media Darling
Event MediaDarling.png
Smile for the camera! Harder! Prettier! A Media Darling has sided with a candidate in this election, helping the aspiring President in the target state she's in by raising all ratings by 10%. Once placed, she gets comfortable and cannot be moved. Increases all own candidate ratings in target state. State, permanent posting
Money Man
Event MoneyMan.png
An old Money Man has stepped up to support a candidate, helping the candidate connect with his rich, wealthy pals in whichever target state he's posted in. Raises fundraising potential in target state by 25%. State
Movie Director
Event MovieDirector.png
A Movie Director has decided to slum for awhile in the world of political advertisements, and joined a candidate's team, cutting Advertisement production costs in half wherever he's stationed. Halves cost of ad creation in target state for you. State
Rich Donor
Event RichDonor.png
Hoping to make this 'land of opportunity' a better place for all, or at least themselves, an anonymous Rich Donor has donated some fat loot to a candidate's campaign. Contributes $1 Million to your campaign. Single-time bonus
Event Storyteller.png
Telling great stories about the candidate a candidate, a Storyteller has joined the political landscape, doubling a candidate's charisma rating in whatever target state the Storyteller is in. Doubles your charisma rating in target state. State
Scandal Monger
Event ScandalMonger.png
A sneaky know-it-all known as the Scandal Monger has joined forces with a candidate to dig up dirt. Their opponent will find their integrity halved in whatever target state the Scandal Monger is in. Lowers opponent integrity by half in target target state. State
War Hero
Event WarHero.png
A war-hardened veteran has decided to give their thumbs up to the 'a candidate for the candidate's' campaign. His approval should help the aspiring boost their War rating in the target state that the War Hero is in. Increases your military credibility in target target state. State