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Donald Trump demonstrates there's no such thing as too little money.

While Campaign Headquarters will generate moderate donations every week, every so often a candidate will need a healthy boost to the campaign bank account. In these cases, the politician has Fundraiser events to fall back on. To throw a fundraiser, the candidate needs to simply visit a state and select the Fundraising option.

Factors affecting outcome

  • Wealth of the State: It should go without saying that the wealthier the state, the more money attendees will have to donate. When needing money, Politicians can use the 'State Wealth' map mode to find the states worth visiting.
  • Number of Fund Raisers Held: Supporters will start to grow tired of a 'mooch', so candidates should steer clear of states they've already visited. Too many fundraisers will turn a donation tidal-wave into a trickle.
  • A Candidate's Fund-Raising Ability: Some people know how to say the right things at the right times. A skilled diplomat on the fund raising floor can bring in considerably more than a groveling simpleton.
  • State Approval: If a candidate isn't well known or well liked, they can expect a poor turnout at any fund raising events they throw.

Maximizing the outcome

  • High awareness: Headquarters and ads are great ways to boost one's awareness without their direct presence. Victorious candidates tend to place these in wealthy states early, so when it's time to raise funds, their awareness (and thus approval) is considerably higher.
  • Keep a state untapped: If backed by a Money Man at some point in their campaign (see Activists), politicians have the opportunity to DOUBLE the donations brought in during a fund raiser. However, if all the wealthy states are already tapped out, this bonus will do little for one's income. It's smart for candidates to keep a wealthy state in the wings for the off chance that a 'Money Man' joins their ranks.