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Money is the bread and butter of a political election. It makes more than just the world go round - it ensures you can buy ads, headquarters, and travel from state to state.

Sources of Money

  • Every candidate starts with a certain amount of money, dependent on the characteristic of the same name. The new game difficulty modifiers also affect the size of the war chest.
  • Campaign headquarters generate a certain amount of cash each week: $10,000, $30,000, or $90,000 depending on the level.
  • Fundraising is a good way to get a large amount of cash into the war chest.
  • A randomly encountered activist (rich donor) will usually give a substantial one-time donation to your war chest.

PR Clout

PR Clout, generated by outreach centers, is used to gain endorsements. Unlike political capital, it becomes useless once all the endorsements are taken.

Political Capital

Political capital is generated using consultation centers (headquarters variant) and is used to hire operatives. Unlike PR Clout, it stays relevant throughout the election.